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Phra Somdej Luang  Phor Kuay

Name of the image of Buddha:

Phra Somdej Luang  Phor Kuay

Supporter of casting:

Luang Phor Kuay

Location of Casting or Finding:

Wat Sueb Lamyai , LOpburi

Year of Casting:


Praise of the image of Buddha:

Harmproof radiating with charm and bring good fortune

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Phra Somdej 畫像後,第 2 代,牧師 Kuay Chutintharo,Kositaram 寺(Ban Khae),猜納府

帕頌德粉 印在法像背面,第二批,由Luang Pho Kuay於1972年左右至1975年製作。護身符內含多種草藥。 細磨河礫石 隕石碎片 細粒度的寶石 浪費大米 以及奎伊神父收集的終極材料 有各種藥草如Wan Maha Mek, Luang Pho 說好的法術會有覆蓋的力量,各種神粉,包括你慈悲祈求心意用自己的雙手吹壓佛像。 獨特而神奇 據說這個版本的護身符中摻入了“鬼骨粉”。 魔法強度的巔峰之作 直到是佛名的由來 “拍完照片後……幹得好”

Biography of Luang Por Guay Chudtintaro, Wat Kositaram, Chainat.

Luang Por Guay was born on 2nd of November 2448 in the year of the snake, in Soi 9, Ban Kae , Tambon Bang Khud, Sakburi, Chainat. He was the son of Mr. Dtui Bpan Son, who originally came from Wiset Chaichan, Ang Tong Province. His Mother was named ‘Khun Mae Dtuan Daechma, from Ban Kae.
He had four Siblings; first came his three Brothers, Dtu, Khaad, Cheun and then his Sister Nak, and last came the youngest, Guay. All of the Brothers and Sisters, and Luang Por Guay himself have passed away, and are no longer with us. Luang Por Guay was the last born and the most loved of his Parents.
When he grew up a bit, they took him to stay with Luang Phu Khuad at Wat Ban Kae (Wat Kositaram), to receive some schooling. In those days, the area of Ban Kae was still far from
infrastructure and Civilization, and too difficult to reach a real school. Luang Phu Khuad asked his Parents beforehand, what Guays birthdate and Birth Year were, as well as questioning them as to his skin complexion, manner of speech. T turned out that the young Guay had the astrological alignments of a ‘Maha Burut' (Great Person), who would be sure to end up in a high position.

Guays skin complexion was lighter than that of his parents, more yellowish and light in complexion, which in Thailand is believed to be the sign of a person with great wisdom and intelligence. He was a child of little speech, but with eyes that reflected daring and penetrating. He was a person with a grand aura of power and strength, but whose manner and movement was gentle and graceful.
He learned to read and write and to use mathematics with LP Khuad, and at the young age of six or seven, he was already able to read the Dhammapada and Pali Prayers. So Luang Phu Khuad then continued to teach Luang Por Guay ‘Pasa Khom' (Ancient Khmer Sanskrit). Luang Phu continued to share as many Wicha as possible with Luang Por Guay. He did this with the knowledge that perhaps one day the young boy might Ordain into the Buddha Sasana as a member of the Sangha, and then these teachings would serve him to be able to become a Great master, in line with his ‘Duang Chadtaa' (Horoscope reading) which LP Khuad had already examined.
When Luang Phu Khuad passed away, the young Guay was taken from the temple by his parents to continue studying Khom with Luang Por Dam (sometimes spelled ‘Dum'), of Wat Hua Den, which was quite close to Wat Ban Kae (Wat Kositaram).
Once he had mastered Khom, he went on to learn at Wat Praw school in Don Gam. He had to travel there, but not too far. He learned up to the level of Por Sorng, (about twelve years old) and then became bored with learning because he was already far ahead of most others in his age, and could even already read Khom fluently. He turned to assisting his Parents in running the farm at home. The whole time he spent helping his parents, he could not get Luang Por Khuad and the temple out of his head. He saw no purpose in spending ones life farming for harvest.
Older generation Thais tell that Luang Por Guay was not a selfish or hedonistic child like many others of that time, but when Luang Por Guay was asked about this, he said that he was a very naughty boy, and that he used to like to make arrow shaped projectiles and shoot them out of his gun with gunpowder.
When evening would come, whoever had left their windows open would get a warning shot from the young Guay to warn them to close their windows properly. As he was still a layman, he would always say to his Parents that if he ordained as a Monk, then he would ‘Buach Mai Seug' (Ordain forever, and never disrobe).
He once explained this to his grandmother, and told that as he was young, he once had a person who he held very dear to his heart. He would climb up to the window of their room (Luang Por did not say if this was something he did often or just a few times, and also does not reveal who the person in question was). One evening, he was longing to see the person he loved, and climbed up to the window as arranged. But when he got there, the full moon was shining so brightly, that he did not dare to appear
He thus waited until the Moon fell, and it was late. The darkness fell, and he dared to climb up to the window of his loved one with no fear of her Father seeing him.

His lover was asleep already, tired of waiting, and the sight he was greeted with made him stand frozen in surprise. She lay with her hair all tangled, and her mouth open in an unmannerly fashion. Spittle was dribbling from the side of her mouth, and she lolled with the covers arranged as the sheets on a corpse. It was not possible to find any beauty there at all in this impression. In this moment, he released his attachments to such matters completely, and fled. He never returned to look for his lover again. Since then, he never had another affair with any lover.
This shows that Luang Por Guay was already realized in the renunciation of Sexual Sensory pleasures since before he ordained as a Monk. When he came of age and was



 พระสมเด็จหลังรูปเหมือน รุ่น ๒ หลวงพ่อกวย ชุตินธโร วัดโฆสิตาราม(บ้านแค) จ.ชัยนาท

พระสมเด็จเนื้อผง พิมพ์หลังรูปเหมือน รุ่น ๒ หลวงพ่อกวยท่านได้สร้างขึ้นในช่วงประมาณ ปี พ.ศ.๒๕๑๕ จนถึง ปี พ.ศ.๒๕๑๘ โดย เนื้อหาของพระจะแก่ผงผสมด้วยว่านต่างๆ กรวดแม่น้ำตำละเอียด เศษแร่อุกาบาต เศษพลอยตำละเอียด เศษข้าวก้นบาตร และสุดยอดมวลสารที่หลวงพ่อกวยท่านได้รวบรวม มีทั้งว่านต่างๆ เช่น ว่านมหาเมฆ หลวงพ่อบอกว่า เสกดีๆ จะมีอำนาจทางกำบังได้ ผงวิเศษต่างๆ รวมถึงท่านเมตตาอธิษฐานจิตเสกเป่ากดพระด้วยมือของท่านเอง อย่างเอกอุแลเข้มขลัง ว่ากันว่าพระรุ่นนี้ผสม"ผงกระดูกผี"ลงไปด้วย สุดยอดของความเข้มขลัง จนเป็นที่มาของพุทธคุณสมญาณาม "หลังรูป...เก่งดี"




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