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สมเด็จปรกโพธิ์หลวงพ่อกวย 龙婆贵  九叶菩提崇迪  1973年 luang phor kuay wat kositaram สมเด็จปรกโพธิ์หลวงพ่อกวย 龙婆贵  九叶菩提崇迪  1973年 luang phor kuay wat kositaram สมเด็จปรกโพธิ์หลวงพ่อกวย 龙婆贵  九叶菩提崇迪  1973年 luang phor kuay wat kositaram  


Phra Somdej Phra Pho of Luang Pu Kuy Chutinaro

Name of the image of Buddha: Phra Somdej Phra Pho of Luang Pu Kuy Chutinaro
Supporter of casting: Luang Phor Kuay
Location of Casting or Finding: Wat Khositaram , Chainat
Year of Casting: 2513BE
Praise of the image of Buddha: Harmproof and invulnerability

Product : 00112

Price :5,000,000.00 baht


Description: 9 Phra Somdej Phra Pho of Luang Pu Kuy Chutinaro

              Pho 9 against shotgun (Reverend Grandfather told the Novice Somporn 1968-1974)
             9 Phra Somdej Phra Pho Bodhi amulet of Reverend Grandfather Suay Chutinaro of Ban Khae Temple San Buri District The back has your own talisman Namo Phuttha There are both sinking talisman-talisman talisman and there is another type It is a picture of Phra Mae Earth, squeezing all 3 types of hair. There are both telling the era that was created in 1970 and not telling B.E., Reverend Grandfather took up to 2 years to do the first. Packing powder rasp Of the patriarch of the raft of Wat Suthat Thepwararam Contain ore, baht Containing anvil of diamonds Kesa, the high virtuous person Kesa Teacher, Master Kesa, Master

of many other materials By filling it inside Continue as you do The magic is getting less and less. Reverend Grandfather therefore uses pure white powder to make Only the white and black colors that he gave out to the students to go out In that black color, he used palm leaf powder to make The other meat that you have completely distributed is Meat mixed with rasp powder of the patriarch Derived from Phra Kru Lam Mun When going to make a spell for Phra Kru La Mun At Wat Suthat Thepwararam When he gave out You will say that this monk There is a mix of people with high merit. Keep well. If you speak with close students You will say that Phra Somdej Phra Pho Khao Dee is cool. No one minds. The color is black, white, brown, Chomphu color, Pikul color, light green, white, cracked texture, sesame Aloe color Is the use of Aloe Vera. Clearly the most common color is The colors of Pikul have flower elements. This monk set has Tang Yew oil as an ingredient, so it's not very old. If used to sweat a little, it will become sticky and tight. You rarely give it to anyone. Will be distributed for testing the multiplications only the most distributed is Phimphak Pho 9 cards, distributed as many as 300-400 pieces. After that, you will not give anybody anymore He only said that There are many merit in your time. In the next day, the owner will take it by himself. He spoke with close disciples, even though he had put them in the box. Well, a year later, he made the final version of Somdej to give out .. As for the sacred objects that are permanent talents, he has contained 1 large, tightly tied, written to see if anyone opened their eyes.

9 Phra Somdej Phra Pho of Luang Pu Kuy Chutin Tharot assigned Phra and novices to help each other. There were 100 monks who oversaw the pumping work, giving 1 monk as compensation. By having Phuttha Phisek at Phra U Osot, with alumni of Luang Pho Si, Luang Pho Derm, Luang Pho Tao, to join such as Luang Pho Chai Isaro, Huai Charoen Suk Temple, Luang Pho Phae, Phikun Thong Temple, Luang Pho Thong Phra Prang Temple, Luang Pho Puan (Phra Kru Wichai Worakhun), Wat Pho Ngam, Don Kam Subdistrict, Sankhaburi District, Chai Nat, Luang Pho Chuan, Nong Samad Temple, Dong Khon Subdistrict, Sankhaburi Chai Nat District, Luang Pho Pha, Khok Dok Temple, Dong Subdistrict Khon Kaen District, Chai Nat Province ,, Luang Por After the completion of the Phuttha Phisek ceremony, Reverend Grandfather Kuei gave Luang Pho Chai Isarosong, Reverend Grandfather Poo Suay, honoring him with a single consecration. Go to Ban Khae temple And if stuck with incantations Will come to continue with the Luang Por Derm subject From Luang Pho Chia regularly. Sometimes, if Luang Pho Chia Traveling to visit the children, every time you go to visit Luang Pu Guay at Ban Khae Suem temple not far away Because Luang Pho Chia, you use a horse to travel. Luang Pu Kui will call Luang Pho Chai as Luang Pho, but Phansa is older than Luang Pho Jai. Being humble and not being a rainy season is therefore very beloved for Reverend Father Chae.



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